What you should look for in a Cold Press Juicer

Cold Press Juicers are all the rage with the rising trend in health-consciousness. It is a fact that juices produced and packaged in factories and marketed to stores are losing reliability in terms of freshness, nutritional content and claims of being all-natural. A safer alternative to regularly consuming store-bought juices is to make your own thicker and healthier juices at home using a cold press juicer. Here are some things to keep in mind while searching for the best cold press juicer to purchase.


A cold press juicer which has the potential of being bought and used should be judged by how many appropriate alternatives it provides. These could be a control for different speeds and a choice of using it with different kinds of strainers. Slow speeds are good for extracting juice from soft foods like berries and grapes as opposed to faster speeds which allow efficient juicing of tougher fruits like pears and apples. Fine strainers aid you in making thinner juices with less pulp whereas course strainers allow you to have more pulp in the juice hence making it thicker. More features and choices, therefore, allow you to have more control over what you are juicing and the texture of the juice which you prefer.

Chute Width

A chute which has a wide mouth is the optimum choice for ensuring that the juicing process is easy from start to finish. A wide chute means that pieces of fruits have less chances of clogging around the opening of the cold press juicer which would otherwise constantly prompt you to disrupt your juicing process to clean the chute. Wide chutes also provide you with the ease of inserting whole fruits into the juicer owing to the large opening of the cold press juicer. If whole fruits are still too large to insert into the chute then you can still insert larger pieces of the fruit without wasting as much time cutting as you would have while operating a narrow-chute cold press juicer. A larger chute width also means less speedy oxidation.

Pulp Ejection

A pulp collecting container in a cold press juicer is an added benefit if you do not like to perform extra cleaning. It allows for efficient collection and disposal of pulp and residue without creating the mess and inconvenience of having to place your cold press juicer over a garbage bin to empty it.


In order to have the most convenient juicing experience, you should consider the amount of space you have in your kitchen to keep a cold press juicer and the amount of juicing which you need to do on a daily basis. If you have less counter space you might consider purchasing a juicer which has a small footing. However, if you need to make several glasses of juice in bulk everyday then you should consider purchasing a cold press juicer which has large input and output containers so that you do not have to frequently replace the juice content in your cold press juicer as you juice.

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